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July 23, 2008 at 11:42 am (Uncategorized) ()

Our excitement of late has involved our refrigerator. We have been noticing lately that it seems like our food was going bad a bit faster than normal, and when we had some lettuce go bad last week in a matter of days we knew something was up. So on Thursday we bought a refrigerator thermometer to check and see what was going on with our poor 20-year old fridge. Well, ends up with a refrigerator temperature of 40-50 (it should be around 37) and a freezer temperature of 20 (that should be below 0) we finally had proof that our soft serve ice cream was a tad soft for a reason. We’re not quite sure how bad the temperatures were for how long, and we’re trying not to think about it too much. Neither of us got sick and we will be keeping that handy-dandy thermometer in our refrigerator from now on to keep a tab on things.

On Saturday afternoon, after Misha got off of work, we went out in search of our new refrigerator. We kind of knew what we want after searching online, but it is always different in person. We started at Best Buy (they were having their Grand Opening and we were hoping for some sales) and then headed towards Sears (the salesman creeped us out). Then it was off to Home Depot to see what else we could find. At that point we had pretty much settled on an LG, it was just a matter of which model (we of course liked the more expensive one). It was back to Best Buy to compare prices, and to discover that they could not get us the one that we wanted for several weeks (something of which we could not deal with). After picking up the pups and dropping them off at the ILs we went over to Lowes to check out their selection. Needless to say we were sorely disappointed, not only about their selection but that the 10% off coupon that we had would be of no use since we wouldn’t be getting our fridge there.

We ended up back at (a different) Home Depot. Within 10 minutes we had made our decision and the manager approved a nice price match discount (with another 10% off on top of it). Unfortunately though we had made our decision the process of ordering took way too long. Not because we were complicated, but because the guy helping us was SLOW. Two hours later (and two orders later—one that would be canceled because he messed up on the price and one that had the correct spelling of “Call on Arrival” that took at least 16 times to get) we walked out of home depot a bit poorer but with a scheduled delivery date of Friday. After a late dinner at the IL’s (due to our longer-than-anticipated time to order a fridge) we went home and crashed. Last night we officially retired the old fridge, salvaging what little we could and putting it in Misha’s Aunt’s fridge and the “energy-sucker” is unplugged never to be run again.

Though, we did fill up our new-to-us wine fridge. We had no idea we actually had so much wine! Course, one row is our MonaVie! Now that it is all out and being properly taken care of we need to start enjoying more of it! Especially considering that we are trying to take a small mini-vacation up to SLO sometime right before or after Labor Day.

Goes to figure that the week our fridge broke, is the week the photography challenge is food. I took a few pictures before the fridge broke, but I need to get them off of the camera and see if any of them turned out!

This is what our new fridge will look like (in white):




  1. Wifey's House said,

    I know my fridge is on it’s last leg, but I’m so ignoring it! Just had to buy a new A/C unit – yikes!

  2. Niki said,

    I am so jealous! I LOVE this fridge!! I wish mine was about to die (hehe) but it is only 3 years old so I don’t think so, but I will keep my fingers crossed.

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