Garage Project and Fires

November 30, 2008 at 4:23 pm (Uncategorized) ()

In preparation for my family coming down to visit for Thanksgiving, Misha and I needed to move some of the items in our spare bedroom to the garage. But we still wanted to park our car in the garage. Misha has been wanting to do this for months, we just haven’t found the time. So, we finally found the time on one of Misha’s weekends off.

Here is that side of the garage before:


I went outside at some point (when my assistance was not required) and spotted this plume of smoke):


Looking further, we realized that this much smoke was not a good thing. I went upstairs to catch up on the news, and see what was going on. The fire was pretty close to my work, and they ended up closing our office.


But our work continued:


As the sun set through the smoke:


And Misha continued working in the dark until it was complete.


So now we have tons more storage down in the garage. Misha did a great job. And we cleared out space in our condo for my family to stay with us!


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  1. Niki said,

    your pics are great! and mishas work looks fab.

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