I got tagged!

January 27, 2009 at 5:32 pm (Uncategorized)

Kristin from Le Petit Perogi tagged me on her blog a few weeks ago (ok, a month ago… but I’m just catching up). So now I get to share a few things about myself, and pass along the love. =)

So, a few random/weird things about myself:

  1. I never grab the first item, anywhere, anytime, if at all possible. When grocery shopping I will never buy the first item on the shelf, I always go a few back. If there is only one thing of an item, I seriously consider not purchasing it because there is no second “untouched” item. This goes for all shopping, not just groceries.
  2. I am weird about formatting. If you are going to align something, align it, don’t use spaces to move it into the correct spot. Same goes for tab, use the paragraph style, not tab to apply an indent. Also, single space between sentences, it is no longer necessary to double-space. And this is going to sound crazy, but I actually enjoy re-formatting or formatting documents. I could be perfectly happy doing it all day long.ok, we have now discovered my hidden obsessive-compulsiveness. we must move on.
  3. A family friend of ours was appointed Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Division under President Obama. Not that it means that I’ll be getting any fun trips or opportunities in DC anytime soon…
  4. I make my own laundry detergent. I am looking to make my own green cleaners.
  5. Coupons thrill me. Nothing like scoring a great deal!
  6. I love Disney, a perfect day would be an uncrowded day at Disneyland with Misha (and all the rides open with no lines).
  7. I am a huge Survivor and Amazing Race fan. I would go on Survivor, but people are too mean at this point. I would love to be on The Amazing Race with Misha. On a sidenote, Misha did an amazing wedding proposal using Amazing Race clues.

Ok, so now for my 7 taged (in no particular order):

Have fun everyone! And now to update my blog!


1 Comment

  1. niki said,

    eek I got another award too… I need to get moving and post it! Thanks for the tag. 🙂

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