I’m here, Happy 2009!!!

January 27, 2009 at 4:52 pm (Uncategorized)

Well, it seems like I have been up to my neck in everything lately. Work has been crazy, stuff at home has been crazy, and everything in between has been crazy. I’ve been busy thinking about all the blog updates that I need to write, but other than thinking about it I haven’t had much more time than that. I have a ton of recipes to blog about, and even more blogs to catch up on in my reader.

Other than being very thankful that 2008 is over, I am thankful that 2009 has gotten to a good start. Lots of the events from 2008 have finally wrapped themselves up. Abby has been given the all clear to be a normal puppy again (and once all of her hair grows back it will be all behind us). Mollie is doing great, she’s just enjoying her retirement now. And though the year went out with a bang with Misha’s car getting totaled, we now have a spiffy new car. Our first new car, safer and perfect for road trips (and a bit more family-oriented… not that my in-laws noticed at all). So though 2008 was a rough year that we will never forget, Misha and I made it through (along with the pups) and I can only think that we have been strengthened by all that happened.

Misha started school again this week. He’s taking three classes while working full time. I’m hoping that all of his hard work will pay off and he will get into Nursing School at Concordia, and start in January 2010. It is hard to believe all that is happening. Our 10-year high school reunions are coming up (has it really been that long?) and we’ll be celebrating our 3-year wedding anniversary in a week. Our two good friends are getting married in March. So many good things to look forward to this year.

And with that I have a ton of blog updates that won’t write themselves. =) Time to get this year started!


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