A Wonderful Weekend

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Misha and I had a great weekend. Friday I worked from home while he had the day off. So he got to sleep in and relax, and I got to enjoy the lack of a commute. It was wonderful. After work, we headed to Disneyland for a few hours of fun. The parks were not crowded at all, which was wonderful. I had considered taking all day off so that we could have spent the entire day at Disneyland, but if I had done that it would have been a busy day and not as fun.

We started off in California Adventure and tried out the new Toy Story ride, “Toy Story Mania!”. It was very similar to the other ride at Disneyland “Astro-Blasters”, but it was a lot of fun. Interactive rides are the new thing, and I have a feeling more rides are going to be this way, giving everyone a custom experience every time they go on the ride.

California Adventure

Ice Cream

We then ended up at Disneyland, and after a few rides and dinner ended up at the fireworks show. Somehow we ended up with a fairly central spot, though it was crowded and people (and their kids) were grumpy after a long day at the park. But I still managed to snag a spot up a tad higher to get a few pictures.


Star Wars

Saturday we went for our usual hike at Peter’s Canyon, which was fun. We then cleaned up the house a bit and rented a movie for the evening. They didn’t have the movie that I was looking for, but I did spot a movie that I never finished (The 10th Kingdom). Well, we started it, and though Misha wasn’t such a fan of it at the beginning I think he got hooked. We were up until 2am watching it, and still didn’t finish it (it was a long movie). We finished watching it last night though, and after 8 years I finally got to see the ending.

It was quite a nice weekend, nice to just relax at home and not have anywhere to be. It is Monday again, back to waiting another two weeks for Misha to have some another weekend.

The time to relax is when you don’t have time for it.”
~ Sydney J. Harris


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